The replacement of the old audio entry system of your block of flats has definitely concerned you as it is necessary either because of the its malfunction or because of its failure to cover the current needs of security. The most important advantage of a video entry system in comparison with the old, traditional phone door system is the ability to control each guest with image and at the same time the visitor has no awareness that we check their presence. Even for the buildings that already have an old video door system, there is still the ability to replace them with a new system of advanced technology and design, upgrading the security and aesthetics of your space.
Therefore, even if you have an old video door system, you can install a new video entry system using the existing wiring without any diggings or repairs in the apartments, obtaining security and safety for your space easily and economically
The Digital Visualtech system of AUTA is ideal for this purpose as it has been manufactured to work with 5 common wires (or UTP) that were required for the function of the old phone door system.
In addition, the Visualtech system is compatible with all the range of monitors, thus by replacing the old phones in a building, each resident can select the monitor that they desire for their apartment: COLOR COMPACT or E-COMPACT or AVANT.

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