GSM Communication Module

Category: ID: 1121
  • Back-up GSM device providing communication between the security system and a Central monitoring Station, in any case that the fixed telephony network line (PSTN) is interrupted.
  • It can also be used as the main communication means between the Alarm Control Panel and the Central monitoring Station in areas where a fixed telephony network is not available.
  • Supports all the DTMF communication formats (Contact ID, Ademco Express).
  • Option to automatically send SMS messages to up to 8 recipients only in case of total failure of communication with the Central monitoring Station.
  • Option to send to the end user (owner of the system, security officer etc) pre-programmed SMS by triggering inputs TSMS1 & TSMS2.
  • Easy to program by SMS commands from a GSM phone or through the specially designed software Artion Configuration Software from a PC. The programming of artion from a PC can be achieved either through a GSM modem connected to the PC or directly using an RS232 wired connection (in any case, a Security Code is required).
  • When high security applications require constant checking of an “ALIVE” status of the artion, we can easily and cost-free achieve this with the help of the artion Observer software.
  • Accepts SMS commands to trigger up to two different on board PGM outputs (for activating/deactivating house electronic/electric appliances or loads).
  • Option to remotely ARM/DISARM the security system by pre-programmed SMS commands, sent from the owner’s mobile cellular phone (input TSMS1 and output PGM1 must be used for this feature).
  • Two different versions (one for European countries 900/1800 MHz and one for North American countries 850/1900 MHz).
  • Globally unique IMEI number for each artion device, approved by BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications).

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