Compact Monitor

Category: ID: 1204
  • Flat – surface (195 x 230 x 45mm) Color.
  • Digital (3 wires coaxial or 5 wires coaxless)
  • Self-start button (activation of the camera from the apartment)
  • Door-opening button
  • 2 auxiliary button (for the 2nd camera and the 2nd strike)
  • Brightness – contrast adjustment
  • Ringtone selection
  • Phone wire or RJ plug
  • On/Off button (for starting – pausing of the monitor)
  • Led indicator a) (on) green, operation of the monitor, b) (stop) red, is lit in case the system is busy by another apartment, c) (yellow) is lit in case of a call is made from the bell button (if it is connected to the monitor of the apartment) d) (off) de-activation of the camera.
  • Available in 2 colors : white and silver.

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