12 Zones Fire Alarm Panel

Category: ID: 1255
  • 12 terminated and monitored Zones for automatic detectors or manual call points
  • General alarm output, terminated and monitored, 24 VDC /1A activation power
  • General fault output, dry NO/NC contacts
  • Separate indication for earth fault (faulty connection of signal wires to protective earth)
  • Keylock switch for access level restriction (level 2) and global evacuation command
  • Backlit rubber push buttons for Reset, Silence, Test and zone bypasses (disablements)
  • Total of 30 LEDs for the indication of system status and information
  • Built in buzzer for audible notification of error or alarm conditions
  • Bypass (zone disablement) for each individual zone, operated form the main panel
  • Easy installation check with walk test feature (individual check of each connected detector)
  • Alarm verification feature (intellizone) reduces false alarms
  • Compatible with the majority of available automatic detectors currently on the market

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