Outdoor wired motion detector 

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The VXI-ST from Optex is a 40′ x 40′ hardwired outdoor detector that provides the stability and reliability necessary for an outdoor PIR sensor. With its unique design and dual PIR detectors, false alarms from animals as well as environmental nuisances are greatly reduced. The VXI-ST dual PIR’s create two detection areas (upper and lower) that must be compromised simultaneously in order to go into alarm. In addition, the detection length can be limited to avoid unwanted detection. By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement (cars, persons or animals outside the protected area) can be eliminated.

  • Adjustable detection zone function (15 per notch)
  • Size judging function
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Sensitivity selection switch
  • Temperature compensation
  • Selectable N.C. or N.O. alarm output
  • Photocell for day and night operation