Indoor Wireless Siren w/Built-In Strobe Light

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The SR120 is a stand-alone, fully supervised wireless siren with built-in strobe light and wireless transceiver. The SR120 operates using three size “C” alkaline batteries. With normal use, the SR120 will function up to three years without the need to replace the batteries. The SR120 uses 2-way wireless communication, which provides continuous supervision between the panel and siren with fast response to alarm signals within 4 seconds.

  • Built-in transceiver (433MHz or 868 MHz)
  • Siren that reaches 100dB or more
  • Integrated strobe light
  • Fast alarm response time (within 4 seconds)
  • 2.5 hour alarm display (strobe flashes every 4 seconds after bell cut-off)
  • Siren presence supervised by control panel
  • Wall tamper protection against removal of unit from wall
  • Battery cover tamper protection against cover removal
  • Assign a total of 4 sirens per control panel (including SR150)
  • Firmware upgradeable via 307USB
  • Siren test mode

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